Become an Outdoors-Woman with TPWD

Texas Parks & Wildlife has developed a program “to provide an atmosphere where women feel comfortable learning new skills associated with hunting, fishing, and other outdoor activities, in a supportive and non-threatening environment.” Called Becoming an Outdoors-Woman (BOW), the program offers workshops that often span a weekend, usually beginning on Friday around noon and lasting through Sunday noon. Affiliate programs, called theĀ Texas Outdoors-Woman Network (TOWN), can be found in some metropolitan areas of Texas and Houston is luckily one of those. Check out the Houston TOWN chapter for a list of events and contact. Some of the topics covered include Advanced Shotgun Basics, Archery, Astronomy, Backpacking, Bike Maintenance, Camping and more. This is a great way for women to get comfortable learning the basics of the outdoors and to see which of these activities they would love to pursue. BOW is offered year-round to women of all ages and interests.


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