Hike Armand Bayou Nature Center

The Martyn and Karankawa Trails are two trails that run parallel to each other, but offer very different views. Combined they are about a three mile hike with rest areas and signage to keep you on track. The Martyn Trail goes deep into the woods, while the Karankawa Trail runs along the edge of Armand Bayou. The Nature Center has been designated as one of only four Texas Coastal Preserves and is one of the largest bayous in the Houston area that is not channeled. Bikes and pets are not allowed on the trails at any time. Bring plenty of insect repellant, water, and sun screen. A third trail at the Nature Center is the Lady Bird Trail, which takes you through each of the three ecosystems (bayou, forest, and tall grass). You see many different and diverse habitats that border Armand Bayou on this shorter 1.6 mile hike. Grab your hiking shoes and take a day trip to Armand Bayou Nature Center for a day of hiking and exploring.

Armand Bayou Nature Center

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