Hike Huntsville State Park

When I was writing 60 Hikes Within 60 Miles: Houston Huntsville State Park was one of my favorite hiking sites. It has a bit of elevation change and is quite beautiful in the fall and spring. There are 21 miles of hiking trails that wind throughout the park but three I will mention here are the 3.2 mile Dogwood Trail, 2.2 mile Chinqaupin Trail, and the much longer Outer Loop trail, which is 8.6 miles. There are a number of cyclists so give way when they come up behind you if you are hiking on the weekends. Of course you must pay a fee to get into the Sate Park but there are ample facilities and the lake is a great place to have a picnic. Parts of the Lone Star Hiking Trail pass by Huntsville State Park so you could head out on that trail also. Camping facilities are ample but very crowded on weekends so book ahead to reserve your spot.

Huntsville State Park

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