Mercer Botanic Gardens Damaged from Harvey

The Houston Chronicle published a story September 29 by Molly Glentzer on the devastation of Hurricane Harvey on the Mercer Botanic Gardens in north Houston. The following paragraph sums up the devastation of the recent floods on the gardens: The manicured front gardens, with their blooming annuals and perennials, were submerged for several days in 8 feet of rushing water that also stripped bark from trees and crumpled large specimens. Once again, the nature trail has disappeared under a landscape of sandy silt, with dunes as high as 5 feet. Only it smells worse and is potentially toxic.

Please check the Mercer Botanic Gardens website for information on how you can help and check out Gentzler’s article at Catastrophic Storm Puts Mercer Botanic Gardens in Dire Straits.

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