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Bayou Preservation Association (Founding Partner)

The Bayou Preservation Association (BPA) aims to protect and restore the richness and diversity of our waterways through activism (respond to threats to our bayous and streams by grass-roots organizing, education, and promotion of alternatives to destructive channelization), advocacy (alternatives to channelization for our region’s storm water management), collaboration (coordinating the clean up of area bayous, as well as planting trees along the banks) and education (festivals, seminars, professional meetings). BPA facilitates collaborative projects and public awareness about the region’s streams and bayous in order to foster watershed management, conservation, and recreation along Houston’s defining natural resource.

For 50¬†years, the BPA has worked to ensure that our region’s most precious natural resources are protected. From on-the-ground service projects to behind the scenes advocacy, the BPA promotes the health of all Houston-area waterways. BPA advocates a “watershed management” approach to flood control, which controls flooding by managing the amount of water leaving a watershed and also balances the needs for storage, conveyance, habitat, recreation and aesthetics.

From tree plantings to town meetings to policy review, BPA is working to effect responsible management of our bayous and put nature back into our stream corridors.