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Coastal Prairie Partnership (Founding Partner)

Coastal Prairie Partnership (CPP) is a nonprofit, collaborative organization whose mission is to help foster a more connected and empowered prairie community in coastal Texas and southwest Louisiana.

CPP plays four important collaborative roles in the prairie community:

  • Convener – We host meetings to discuss pressing issues in prairie conservation and restoration.
  • Educator – We offer empowering classes, workshops, and field trips each year. We also co-host the annual State of the Prairie Conference and help publicize our partners’ wonderful educational and public event offerings.
  • Storyteller – We help to interpret the prairie’s importance and raise awareness of its plight among decision-makers and the general public.
  • Networker – We connect those in need of assistance with experts in the field. We also allow professionals an opportunity to network at restoration events such as our annual Restoration Roundup.


Coastal Prairie Plant Growers’ Handbook – Division (Separation) from Coastal Prairie Partnership on Vimeo.

Coastal Prairie Partnership