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Healthy Living Matters (Affiliate)

In September of 2011, the Houston Endowment awarded a grant to the Harris County Healthcare Alliance to fund a local private-public partnership called the Houston Harris County Childhood Obesity Prevention Collaborative. The Collaborative (now called Healthy Living Matters) consists of a multi-sector group of local leaders, engaged in an initiative to curb childhood obesity in Houston/Harris County by using policy action to enact system and environmental change.

By the end of 2013, the Healthy Living Matters team:

  • Conducted an assessment of food access and built environment within Houston/Harris County
  • Provided learning opportunities related to childhood obesity, its impact on the community, and policy strategies to address it
  • Scanned and monitored federal, state and local policy trends and developments
  • Identified local issues and prioritized policies that have an impact on childhood obesity
  • Developed a Community Action Plan, which serves as a road map for policy implementation

Healthy Living Matters