About Get Out Here

Get Out Here is a collaborative effort by many outdoor-related nonprofits and for profits to bring the most comprehensive outdoors website and app for the Houston Gulf Coast region. With our temperate climate, numerous eco regions (10 to be exact), and diverse number of activities, we just couldn’t not do this project. Ignoring the double negative in the previous sentence, Houston has a plethora of outdoor activities and this website is here to help you find the one you’re looking for and the one you had no idea you were looking for.

We hope to be your portal to the fun and exciting adventures awaiting you along the Houston Gulf Coast region. Many of our partners have yearly, monthly, and in some instances, weekly events to get you outside and engaged in the Houston area. Look to this site to find what, where, and when these events are. We believe Houston is on the threshold of being one of the premier cities in the U.S. and by getting you outside to explore and have fun, we think you will come to the same conclusion. Welcome to GOH and we sincerely hope you find everything you were looking for, and of course, all those things you didn’t realize you couldn’t live without.

For questions, to get involved or become a partner contact:

[email protected]