Bucket Brigade Beach Tour

Join Artist Boat for their Bucket Brigade Interpretive Beach Tour May 13 in 45 minute time slots from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. These tours provide FREE hands-on exploration of questions such as “Why is the water brown?” “How is Seaweed a good thing?” and “How do I connect to the ocean?” You will discover the creatures and features that make Galveston’s marine and coastal ecosystems so special! Tours are educational and fun for ocean-lovers of all ages! They are guided by college students and community members passionate about the marine and coastal ecosystem and excited to share that passion with you! Topics of interested include water turbidity, beach and marine species identification, sand dunes, marine debris, and more! Sign up for tours on location at Steward Beach and 61st street near the lifeguard station at each site. Visit our website for updated information at www.artistboat.org.

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