Hike Memorial Park

Memorial Park is one of the most crowded parks in the area on the main running trail and on the weekends. But if you to to the trails on the south side of Memorial Drive during the week you can hike through the woods and towards Buffalo Bayou on some very nice dirt trails. It is a city park that is one of the largest urban parks in the United States with over 1,400 acres. Yes, it is even bigger than Central Park in New York. There are over 30 miles of trails within the Park for hiking, running or just strolling. Many of the trails cross over small creeks so take caution after heavy rains. They can also be quite muddy. There are several entrances to the trails that can be found on the Park map. Just west of theses trails is the Houston Arboretum and Nature Center with additional hiking trails or you could head east and get on the Buffalo Bayou Park trails. This is a great part of town that is so close to Downtown Houston, you can see the tall buildings looming over the park. 

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