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Houston Zoo (Founding Partner)

About the Zoo

The Houston Zoo is made up of many moving parts. We have over 6,000 permanent residents (our animals) for whom we provide housing, meals, medical care and, yes, even education! There are over over 2 million guests each year who come to experience our incredible variety of animals and ecosystems, as well as attend special private and public events and entertainment. Our dedicated staff works around the clock to ensure that the Zoo is always running smoothly for the safety and well being of our residents and guests.

Our Mission

The Houston Zoo provides a fun, unique, and inspirational experience fostering appreciation, knowledge, and care for the natural world.


In everything we do, we strive to:

• Be a zoo for all
• Practice exemplary animal care
• Deliver an outstanding guest experience
• Create a workplace that instills empowerment, respect, and teamwork
• Provide superior education and learning opportunities
• Promote conservation awareness and action
• Apply best business practices and sound financial management
• Inspire broad community support